PowerSnipe Bid Groups - Tutorial

What are Bid Groups and what can they do for me?
How do I use Bid Groups?

What are Bid Groups and what can they do for me?

You want to buy a specific model dell computer, but there are many people to compete with and its hard to find one at a reasonable price. There are many items that match the description you are looking for coming from many different sellers.

Place all the items that match your description into a special group. Let us bid on each item from that group for you at the price you set until you win one, then cancel the rest of the bids in the group. That way you will ensure you get the item at the price you want. That is what Bid Groups offer you.

Bid Groups combine the ease of PowerSnipes sniping with the ability to bid on the same item from different sellers until you win at the price you set. You would have to monitor ebay for hours ever day to manually get a similar result. Place the same or similar items from multiple sellers into a group and we will stop sniping when the first auction is won.

How do I use Bid Groups?

Step 1: Go to the bid groups tab and create a bid group

In the "Create new Bid Group" section, enter a name for the bid groups. Once created, the bid group will show up under the "Manage Bid Groups section."

Return to the Active Auctions section by clicking the tab on the tabbed menu bar.

Step 2: Enter an auction number and move it to the bid group

Two ways to place an auction in a group:

When you enter an auction number on the Active Auctions interface you will be prompted to enter your maximum bid. On this screen you can also select which bid group you want this auction placed in. The default is "ungrouped" which means it will not be placed in a group.

The second way to place an auction in a group is used when you already have the auctions in the Active Auctions section and they are ungrouped or in another group. From this section you can select one or more auctions by checking their checkbox, then select the group you want to move the auctions to, then press the "Move selected item(s) to the group" button.


Step 3: Check the result

To check the result click on the tab that reads "completed auctions." Here you will see a list of auctions that have finished. Individual auctions are displayed. If an auction was won and was part of a bid group, you will see the bid group displayed in the column next to the auction. If no items from the bid group were won, you will see an entry in the auction item column that reads "No auctions from this group were won." To check the bid history of any bid group, click the bid group name next to the auction.


How do I delete a bid group?

To delete a bid group, click on the bid group tab and click the "delete button next to the bid group name under the "Manage Bid Groups" section.