PowerSnipe Effective Strategy - Tutorial

What is the most effective bidding strategy?

Using Powersnipe lets users think about auctions in a new way. You no longer have to bid and then react to what others bid by increasing your bid. Powersnipe allows you to think about auctions in a proactive way.

We suggest that when you use your PowerSnipe account, you set the maximum bid to the maximum amount you are willing to pay so you don't have to worry about increasing you maximum bid for the auction. This will save you a lot of time.

PowerSnipe will always try to win the auction for you at lowest possible price less than or equal to your maximum bid.

Increasing the maximum bid right at the end of an auction is not recommended because you waste time watching the auction and when PowerSnipe starts to bid for your auction it will not allow you to change your maximum bid.

So just set the max. you are willing to pay and forget it, we'll win it at the best price possbile.