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"Of all of the online auction-related products I have tested and used, yours was the easiest to place into action and it worked exactly as advertised. It was simple to setup, simple to put to use, and it worked flawlessly."

Jim Wilson, Founder of

"Saves you time and improves your odds of victory."

Time Magazine

"Powersnipe pays for itself after the first use."

J. Thomas, PhD, eBay Guru

"I have saved at least ten times what I paid to join AND I was able to go about my normal days work without having to sit glued to the PC screen all day placing bids. I really shouldn't say this but you guys should TRIPLE what it costs to get your software. Sadly, I am in two minds about telling people about how great it is - selfishly, the less who know the better !!!! Seriously, I WILL tell my friends about this product. Keep it going."

M. Bailey

“I've been doing business on eBay for years, used many software, this is the best software and service for sniping.”


“Just wanted to let someone know how wonderful this service is. I used to schedule my day around auctions. It is going to give me so much free time!! Thank You!”


“I have tried three other sniping programs and yours is by far the most reliable and easiest to use. Thank you so much.”


"I just want to say how happy I am with Powersnipe!!!! Before I learned the ropes at eBay, I’d start bidding on something I wanted as soon as I wanted it, plus I’d fall for the suggestion to “put in your highest bid and eBay will bid in small increments”, which only meant that you’d drive up the price in 50 cent increments until it was quickly past your highest bid (no wonder all the sellers remind buyers to do this!) I quickly learned to wait to the very end of the auction to bid, but then I’d miss that “window” by getting distracted by something else and poof! Item gone! Now I know how it works, I feel really dumb for not having Powersnipe sooner - I just won two great auctions in a row- both at less than my maximum bid- thanks!"


"Hi there, It's not often that I feel the need to write to a company to congratulate them for a splendid product & service, but on this occasion, I must say that your program by far has exceeded my expectations & satisfaction. I have so far bidded on two items & won without any effort whatsoever, even though there were lots of other bidders trying their luck as well. In a way I feel like I'm cheating, but of course I cannot help but laugh when I win so easily, poor bunch of bidders out there that don't use your eBay Auction Sniper program. The most amazing thing is that I can set & forget & I don't even need to have my computer turned on to win. Already I have made my money back on what I have spent to purchase your program. Give yourselves a pat on the back for truly providing a program that really works & is truly one of the best investments I have made. I have tried a number of other auction type sniper programs & really they do not come anywhere close to your great program. You folks are the greatest! Thank You, Thank You, Very Much! Your very happy member."

F. M.

"I'm not an Ebay power-buyer, but I use Powersnipe for every auction and have saved WAY more than the annual membership. I actually saved the whole amount on my first auction! It is awesome being able to bid and not have other know I am interested in it."

C. B.

“I just bought a car on eBay auto. Powersnipe saved me over $2000. Thanks again.”


“Thank you so much for listening to my requests and suggestions. Best ebay auction sniper software I've ever used.”


"Its a Bird! Its A Plane! Its Superman! No... Its Better!
Its PowerSnipe!

Bidding on ebay auctions can be extremely frustrating!
Having to sit at the computer in hopes of being fast enough to get in a winning auction bid in the final remaining seconds, frequently ends in futility.

Taking some excellent advice, I purchased PowerSnipe just two days ago. I then placed a PowerSnipe bid on an Ebay auction item I desired. Following the instructions, I set my maximum bid price and left the entire process to PowerSnipe. Having had no experience with it, I was skeptical that PS would even function, let alone perform as advertised.

My concerns were unwarranted! I am truly amazed!

PowerSnipe functioned absolutely flawlessly & without a hitch! Best Yet! PowerSnipe won the ebay item with a single auction bid, winning $41.00 below my set maximum price and with only 6 seconds of bidding time remaining! WHAT OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE! This savings alone on my first use of PS nearly covers the subscription fee.

PowerSnipe is an amazing tool!
Is Absolutely Great!"

- S. C. Otnes,
  E-bay handle (inlogansrun)

“Thanks a first eBay auction and I won!!!! I'm so excited.”


"Thank you for answering my questions so quickly. The support staff have been very helpful and quick to respond to my questions."


"Just wanted to let you all know that you provide an awesome service! No more sitting around my computer watching the auction countdown! Not to mention sitting there thinking that I won the item only to find out that someone had "sniped" me! Now I at least know that I am in the running and have a fair chance to win the item that I want and most frequently do! Once again thanks for providing such an outstanding high quality service! I checked out other "sniping" services and yours had the best overall rating with the least complaints and troubles. So far I have won almost all of my auctions and have encountered NO problems - your service is so easy my 2 year old could use it!

Thanks for helping me finally win my auctions!"

GL Marsh

"I really enjoyed PowerSnipe this past year! It was sooooooo worth the price! It saved me time and aggravation. I was away a couple times outta town, and I won the bid even though I wasn't near my computer. And a couple times the auction ended at some early hour while I was sleeping, and I won the bid then too! It's an amazing tool. I just wanted to send my praise and thanks!"


"Just to let you know, what you already know, your product really does work. It really is kind of neat. But my only thought is what will happen if you succeed of course like you hope you do, then you will have to come up with a still better mouse trap, since everyone bidding on ebay would be a subscriber to your service, ebay would be a different place. Great product."


"Just had to reply to let you know how much I appreciated such a quick response to my Email."


"YIPPEE! I love powersnipe!"


"Thank you! for adding 'Modify' to your search feature. This was a tremendous improvement to your product!"




"Hey-- I've only been a member for a week but I've saved so much money!"


"Thank you. I love this service and have already referred friends to you."


"Thank you. This is probably the best customer service I've ever received on-line."


"Oh! I get it! Thank you for responding so fast and for helping me to understand. I love this ! I have saved so much money already.... and not just in auctions won but also because I can look at my "bids" the next day and say "What were you thinkin, girl!" and then click delete! Love that!!!! Thanks"


"Y’all are awesome….this little gem paid for itself the moment I used it. Then it started making me money by saving me money. I can’t say enough how happy I am I found your service. Thanks…"


"I'd just like to thank all of you at Powersnipe for the great job you do. I shall be a member for a long time, and have recommended your great service to several friends. THANK YOU!!!"

B. C.

"Your set up is nothing short of spectacular. Working with you I have won every single item where my final bid was the highest. While this statement might seem self evident or obvious to anyone not truly familiar with what you do - there is no doubt you have saved me hundreds of dollars by avoiding bidding wars - by submitting my bid at the last minute. It is truly worth the cost of your product to have you place my bids. Fortunately for me everyone does not have your product."

I. G.

"Love the program. I have had it over a year and could not conduct eBay business successfully without it."

R. H.

"thanx, I am really very impressed that you guys answered so quick and are actually people, thanx Happy xmas to you too. "

R. L.

"Hello, I think I've won about 100k of items with your program, I'm really impressed with it! Congratulations to your staff, I don;t know how they figured out how to do all the things it does, but if you don't use powersnipe, you've already lost the eBay arms race. Amazingly I still surprise the vast majority of bidders, but mostly I can decide what I'm willing to bid, and leave it alone, removing the whole gambling addict impulse from the auction process. Thank you for the brilliant program, I still bend my brain around how you managed it all, but what a great idea. Thanks for all the great items I've won with Powersnipe! Feel free to quote me on this. "

J. S.

"No problem! It will give me a chance to put on my creative hat. BTW, I love your service. Powersnipe has saved me I don't know how much, because I only bid what I can afford to pay, and if I don't win, I don't worry about it. It takes that last minute "competitiveness" out of Ebay - which used to cost me SO much money. So I use Powersnipe with the thinking that if I can't get this as HUGE bargain, then I can't afford it anyway. So far, you've helped me complete my set of discontinued and hard to find Pfaltzgraff dinnerware, all the necessary pieces of a Laura Ashley linen ensemble and several limited edition signed & numbered prints from a local artist - which I collect. The latest one would have cost me upwards of a hundred dollars purchased new - I got it for 13.95 including shipping. The folks I'm giving the certificates to are much bigger spenders than I am - so I know they will LOVE it."


"Powersnipe, All I can say is (WHAT A TOOL) I have bid on these gto auction's before and for some reason could never win one, even when waiting until the last min. to place my bid, my Son told me about your product last week and his successes using powersniper so I thought I'd give it a try because I really wanted this car. about three and a half hour's from sign up I won that shinny 69 Judge. Finally an internet product that work's and I can even understand. Are you a public company? If so please send me your stock symbol, In the last 60 second's of that auction there was six bid's running the price up about $2,000 but iI came out on top, WHAT A TOOL !"

L. D.

"Many thanks, much appreciated. I am really enjoying your service - causing me to win far too many auctions! ha ha! But seriously, you have a great service, and I look forward to continuing to use it. Regards,"

P. B.

" As to your service, FANTASTIC! I've only had the opportunity to use the service once. This was earlier today and for 25 auctions by one seller. It was amazingly smooth both with the entering information needed to identify subject auctions and with the bids placed with notification afterwards. I don't know why I was so concerned that I could still bid easier myself. Because of the bids I placed through your service it freed me to do shopping at the same time (I would have been sitting in front of the computer for an hour!). Thank you so much for your service and be assured I'll take advantage again, SOON :^)"

G. F.

" Just wanted to say... You guys (& gals as apprpriate) are GREAT. Love this service and I'm convinced I've saved a BUNCH on these auctions you've helped me win. I've just signed up for a year (I was using the promo trial)."

J. A.

" I am delighted with your service thank you."

N. D.

" Just wanted to let you know what a Great Product you have. I first tried a free sniping online program that didn't even place my bid on a auction I could have won, so I signed up for your free trial & then put in a bunch of auctions to snipe, and low & behold I won my first two auctions that I bid on. I would highly recommend you service to other ebay bidders. Thanks Again!!!"

S. P.

" is an essential tool for any e-bay user. It made my 1st experience at e-bay a great one and will be the only way for me to e-bay! Thanx to all!"

M. B.

" Wow INCREDIBLE! Thanks so much to Powersnipe and it's Developers."

P. C.

" You guys are good. All my ebay bidding will be through you from now on."

C. P.

" I just used Powersnipe for the first time and was very impressed with its effectiveness. It is rock-solid awesome. However I will definitely not be referring anybody to use Powersnipe since it is simply too good a competitive advantage. Thanks alot for your incredible software and obviously, no offence intended by my sentiment above. "

A. M.



" Thank you for your swift reply and excellent program. I have links on my web site so I hope someone will use the link. "

T. H.

" Thanks again for a GREAT PRODUCT that ALWAYS performs as advertised. POWERSNIPE has paid for itself many, many times over. "

R. L.

" Thanks for the concern and credit. Just so you know, I won an eBay auction with for a rare item that should have sold for hundreds or maybe thousands more. This really works! :-)"

E. I.

" Greetings from London UK. Thanks for that. No problem. I used Powersnipe tonight and won a fantastic antique clock which was for sale in Italy. Powersnipe is worth every penny and more. I am now going into buying and selling timepieces fill time thanks to your program. Thanks once again. Money well spent. "

M. W.

" Your Snipe Software works GREAT!!! Its what I have been looking for,I just won 2 auctions today with it that I wouldnt have won with other cheap software. Hats off to you and thanks for your Quick response ,I love the way your snipe works. Thanks again Signed Tony."

T. S.

" Thanks! This service Rocks!!! I'm never going to bid without it!"

D. W.

" Thanks so much. you guys are more than great.You offer a wonderful service to E-bayers.Again a BIG THANKS "

D. P.

" hello, just wanted to let you know, that once again you have had an awesome result for me!!! thankyou, this is one fantastic chrissy present for me, i wish you guys all the best.... i love your work!!! kelly. "

K. S.

"You folks do a great service for all.I have dial up to get on line,it takes two years to get on line it seems.I could not compete with DSL boys for items.Now with your service I compete with superior advantage.Thanksssss "

P. D.

"Just a quick note to say "Thanks!" This site, by enabling me to achieve tactical advantage in the bidding process, has saved me untold hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Excellent! Thanks for a job well done. Best regards"

P. H.

"By the way, your service is FANTASTIC! I love being able to “snipe” even when I’m on the road or when my internet decides to go out (which only happens at the end of critical auctions, of course). And I now find I can look for “deals” by setting up snipes or group snipes with low prices for things I want but don’t need now or are widely available – I got a steering column for one of the cars I’m restoring for $21 thanks to this, when similar columns regularly go for $150 to $300!"

D. H.

"You are the best, I have saved a lot of money useing your service in the 1st week. I'm not sure I want to spread the word & give others the same edge. Just kidding, I'll pass it on & thanks for your help. "

R. J.

"Thank You so very much for such a wonderful program. For so long I would stress and loose out on so many eBay auctions I wanted, and or needed so bad because I work long hours as an Inspector for a very large company and can't be surfing around eBay while at work. Other than one glitch with the program when I first got it, which the Power Snipe Customer Service promptly made up for, I have won every auction I've ever wanted using Power Snipe. Again today while at work I won a software package I really needed but couldn't afford right now retail. I put in a high maximum bid but half what it would cost me retail. Well, I won !!! And by $20 less than my max bid I put in Power Snipe..... Just wonderful. I never worry about loosing an Auction while at work or asleep. So, just wanted to say Thank You. Loyal Power Snipe subscriber"

D. H.

"I am very happy with the service you provide and I have won many an auction and doubtless saved lots of money as a result of using Powersnipe. Indeed I should be thanking you."

J. S.

"I just wanted to say that I am extremely pleased with the design and efficiency of powersnipe so far and to thank you for it. so far it has worked perfectly."

L. T.

"I can't believe the money PowerSnipe has save me tonight. I had bids on 6 different auctions ending at exactly the same minute from the same seller. Not only did I win, I won them all and none came close to my ending bid. What I saved just tonight paid my years subscription. You guys are the Best!! "

N. C.

"Wow! What a product, takes all the heartache and frustration out of ebaying. Especially for me as in our area we only have dial up not broad band. Regards"

S. B.

"Does anyone ever write to you quys to tell you "" THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!"" My Technical problem of the past year is Happiness. This is a great place to hang your dreams. You almost always win my auctions and I don't need to sit and babysit ebay. Well, that's it, My problem of the day is satisfaction. Happy St. Pats day to you all, you can hand this up in your coffee room."

J. E.

"I just want to thank you for being such a thorough, easy-to-use and helpful service. It's made a huge difference to me already. Kudos!"

J. H.

"Appreciated the unusual quality you provide - decent technical support for a website. My view of powersnipe rises (once again). Best"

R. M.

"Your service is absolutely brilliant!! Best 50 dollars Ive spent in a long time. Well done!! Best regards"

S. V.

"I don't know where else to post this. I just want to say I think you are doing a terrific job, and I am impressed. I left what I believe has to be the worst (Vrane) to the best (Powersnipe)and I'm spreading the word. Keep up the good work! Thank you"

J. T.

"One would have to be totaly crazzy to pass up what I would think to be the one and only tool for Ebay use. My personal experience has dictated a pure extravaganza of pleasure in bidding! Eaze of lay back use! Paramount to no other that I have encounted! My hat is off to this fabulous experience. If you snooze you loose, HA! not with my friend SNIPE! Regards"

P. S.

"I love PowerSnipe! You just set it up and forget it. If the bidding did not exceed your pre-determined price, you'll win the auction. It's really that simple. It really is no-stress EBay bidding!"

M. B.

"Just want to say thank you - - was dubious it would work, but there was an item I really wanted and I was stressing about how to approach the auction. A seller actually gave me a tip about using a sniper service, and when I researched around, yours kept popping to the top of the list. Anyway, I used the service in a very competitive auction and won! And, I won the item for 1/2 of my max bid. The service did indeed pay for itself after my first use."

L. O.

"I didn't know where else to send this message, but I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this product. I have used other sniping products in the past, and yours is way ahead of the pack. It's easy to use and very reliable. Best money I've spent in a long time."

E. C.


E. S.

"I have been using other auction sniping tools for nearly a year and purchased PowerSnipe this weekend. Very Very NICE! The ability to use the tool from multiple computers is a key feature for me. The PowerSnipe browser is awesome for single click sniping. The ability to change bid values in as little as 3 minutes before the end of the auction is VERY IMPORTANT - my previous auction tool required twice that much advance notice. Operates extremely fast... a very well designed piece of software. I'm a very satisfied customer!"

T. U.

"Dear Powersnipe, I purchased Powersnipe yesterday, used it immediately and won. It's great to know the system works. Thanks for your service. I shall recommend. Best wishes"

S. B.

"I absolutely love your service. You have done wonders for me. Thanks. Other services have been less than reliable. You folks are great."

J. S.

"For active ebay buyers this is a huge benifit, if I bid thru ebay and decide to retract I can do that but after a few times ebay can flag my account etc, with powersnipe obviously I can retract and can do so anytime thanks for the great service."

J. L.

"Thanks, you guys always make it work....sometimes I don't get enough money down in front.....that's my fault not yours! Thanks again for another great job. Considering all the trading that we do your record is phenomenal. Yours truly"

J. W.

"Just a note to say thanks. I've only used your service once and it paid for itself for several years. Great stuff!"

F. K.

"Thanks for your help. This was the first sizeable item I have bid for on eBay, & it took me a few tries to learn how to set a price. But once I did, I could relax about the mechanics of the endgame because of PowerSnipe. I have a slowish web connection up here in the sticks (wireless modem) but you guys are blazing fast. I could definitely not have done better myself!"

S. S.


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