Auction Sniping Tutorial

PowerSnipe Tutorial - Online Version

How to snipe an auction (3 steps)

Step 1: Log into PowerSnipe account and open a browser window with eBay

Once logged in, you will be directed to your auction manager page. To begin snipping auctions you must first have an auction you want to bid on.

Open another browser window and in that browser window go to ebay (To open another window in Internet Explorer go to the file menu -> new window.)

Browse to an auction you want to bid on.

Step 2: Enter the eBay item number

Copy eBay item number for that auction from the eBay page.

Click on the PowerSnipe auction manager page and paste the item number into the eBay Item Number field.

Press the Add new item button

Step 3: Place your bid

The next page you see will be the Auction Details page. This page contains the details for the auction you wish to bid on. In the field that says “maximum bid,” type your maximum bid. This bid must exceed the minimum bid amount.

Once you click insert you again see the Auction Manager page. This page contains one auction with the details of that auction. The auctions displayed here are the auctions that are queued for bidding.

From the Auction Manager page you can do things like add a new auction, change your max bid at any time up to two minutes before the auction ends, go to your auction, and cancel your auction at anytime up to two minutes before the auction ends.

When the auction ends you will get an email from PowerSnipe telling you that the auction has ended.

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