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Powersnipe ANNOUNCES updates for Powersnipe eBay Auction Sniper Mac OS X

Portsmouth, NH -- March 23, 2009 –, the leading eBay bid sniping service, has announced today two major updates to their Macintosh OS X software PowerSnipe eBay Auction Sniper.

The two new versions, PowerSnipe eBay Auction Sniper version 3.4 for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and PowerSnipe eBay Auction Sniper version 3.5 for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), enable users to save their login information and set the default eBay homepage. Previous versions of the software were unable to store information on Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. Users of Tiger should use PowerSnipe eBay Auction Sniper version 3.4. Users of more recent released Mac OS X 10.5 and beyond should use PowerSnipe eBay Auction Sniper version 3.5. The new versions also include improvements that increase reliability and security.

Storing login information within the PowerSnipe eBay Auction Sniper program enables the user to login to their account automatically each time the program starts. International eBay users can set the default eBay homepage the program uses on startup (for example, eBay Germany users can set the default homepage to offers eBay users greater purchase power by placing their bid in the closing seconds of an auction, a practice also referred to as “sniping”. For greater ease of use, a desktop utility is also offered which incorporates a custom web browser within the program.

Recent studies from Harvard and other leading universities have confirmed that sniping is the most effective bidding technique on eBay. A recent study published in 2006 by researchers Yang and Kahng analyzed 264,073 items sold on eBay and found that bidders were much more likely to win an auction if they used sniping.

Developed by CompuPower LLC, a global software development company, PowerSnipe's eBay Auction Sniper differs from other desktop snipe software by placing bids in the closing seconds of an eBay auction through secure online bidding servers. This allows a user's bid to be placed even when their computer is not turned on and ensures maximum reliability. PowerSnipe is currently the only bid sniper that can be accessed online and through software for both Windows and Mac OS X.

For a limited time, PowerSnipe is being offered at $45.99 for a year's license.

Using PowerSnipe to snipe eBay auctions ensures that the user gets the item at the lowest price possible. In addition to bidding also includes additional features such as bid groups and automated searching.


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PowerSnipe eBay Auction Sniper 3.4

System requirement: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. Download the product from


PowerSnipe eBay Auction Sniper 3.5

System requirement: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. Download the product from


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