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Portsmouth, NH -- March 15, 2003 – The long awaited Macintosh OS X version of the popular snipe and bid management tool 'PowerSnipe Auction Sniper' has just been released. PowerSnipe offers eBay users greater purchase power by placing their bid in the closing seconds of an auction, a practice also referred to as “snipping”. For greater ease of use, the desktop utility incorporates a custom web browser within the program. Users can browse eBay, and with the click of a button the auction will be transferred to PowerSnipe and queued for sniping.


Developed by CompuPower LLC, a global software development company, PowerSnipe Auction Sniper differs from other snipe software by placing bids in the closing seconds of an eBay auction through a secure bidding server.  This allows a user's bid to be placed even when their computer is not turned on. PowerSnipe goes even further by placing the same bid from multiple servers to ensure maximum reliability.


As an introductory discount, Powersnipe is being offered at $45.99 for a year's license.


“If you have bid on a few eBay auctions, you have probably know the feeling of being beaten by someone who bid on the auction during the final minute or used a sniping program. You also know the feeling of setting timers and getting up at odd hours to place your bid. PowerSnipe eliminates problems associated with bidding on eBay" says Peter Duong, Lead Engineer for PowerSnipe.


The practice of “Sniping” refers to a popular eBay bidding strategy in which the user waits until the final moments of the auction to submit a bid. Using this strategy ensures that the user gets the item at the lowest price possible, but there are problems with this method. These problems include having to be online at the end of the auction, competing with others that may have a faster connection, and timing the bid correctly.  The process of placing the bid manually takes time, so unless you time your bid just right, there is a good chance you will be outbid or time will run out on the auction. Bidding with Powersnipe eliminates these problems and gives the user flexibility with a variety of options.


Using PowerSnipe allows users to avoid ‘bidding wars’ which can drive the price of an auction up. It also gives users the best possible eBay bidding experience by allowing them to enter, snipe, track auctions and view the results in an easy to use environment. When you bid manually it is more difficult to retract your bid if you make a mistake or find the item at a cheaper price before the auction ends.  One of the best things about the software is that users do not have to spend all their time waiting for auctions to end. Canceling an auction before it ends is simple.


The PowerSnipe Auction Sniper makes the bidding process even easier by allowing users to browse auctions through the program’s built in web browser. "I've never seen a web browser so well integrated into a program on the Mac," says Duong. Other features include Bid Groups, which allow you to bid on similar items until you win an auction in a group, and Daily Auto Search which lets you create a search and then remote servers run the search daily and e-mail you the results. Powersnipe supports all international and eBay motors auctions.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.2 and higher.


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Lead Engineer: Peter Duong

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PowerSnipe Auction Sniper 1.3

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