Tired of losing on eBay at the last second? Want to save 25% per auction?
  • Places your bid just before auction ends - Snipe eBay
  • Your computer does not need to be on
    - Automatic Bidding
  • Members save an average of $33.75 and 25% per auction!
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How to Snipe on eBay Get started sniping auctions in 3 easy steps: Login to Powersnipe Enter the eBay auction and amount to bid We place your bid in the final seconds

What is Powersnipe eBay Auction Sniper?

Powersnipe is an eBay Sniper and bid sniping service that automatically places your bid in the closing seconds of an eBay bidding auction, increasing your chance of winning. You tell us what you what to bid and we snipe eBay for you.


Bid Sniping tool

When an eBay auction is placed it usually does not end for days. People bid against each other and this drives the price up. To avoid the “bidding war” many people snipe bid.

Snipe bidding is when an ebay bidder waits until the last second and submit their bid ensuring they will be the last to bid, this has probably happen to you before.


Snipe it in the last second!

Our eBay sniper snipes eBay for you at one low price and is guaranteed. There are no percentage commissions or other hidden fees. We eliminate all of the problems associated with bidding and give you the best possible chance of winning the auction.


"Saves you time and improves your odds of victory."


--Time Magazine

"Powersnipe pays for itself after the first use."

-- J. Thomas, PhD, eBay Guru